North Yorkshire Black Metal

hvíldarlauss dauðr started in 2011 as a studio project between Simon Blakelock (Dream Troll, 222, Tangaroa), Jon Cumiskey (A Forest Of Stars, The Waterwitch), Robert Hobson (Silent City Recording Studio, EDT) and Rick Lester (The Belonging). With a passion for black metal and doom, the sound has evolved over the years, drawing influences from contemporary black metal to 20th century classical and 90's indie.

In it's earliest form, the songs were lyrically inspired by ghost stories from the Icelandic Sagas. This led to the band name, which translates from Old Icelandic into "restless dead", a reference to the ghosts from Grettir and Eyrbyggja Saga.

hvíldarlauss dauðr's latest work, "Terrorforming" features a collaboration, with lyrics written by Dan Eyre (A Forest Of Stars), and lyrically/visually with Charley Hellier (Lunar Magic).

Handmade CD and digital copies of "Terrorforming" are available below. You can also purchase the album on bandcamp,

Handmade "Terrorforming" CD - £6 + postage


Limited run of 25 handmade CD copies. Orders are replied to personally, your patience is appreciated! Download codes will be emailed to you while you wait to receive your CD.

Digital download of "Terrorforming" - £5

High resolution 24 bit WAV files of the album. A unique download code will be emailed to you. All emails are replied to personally!