The mixing room is equipped with some of the most desirable analog equipment available, giving your songs the treatment they deserve. Mix revisions are available to ensure your artisitc vision is to your desire.

Mixing is available as a standalone service, so you can benefit from our production style wherever you are in the world.


Reamping is a cost effective way to record your next production.

Track guitars and bass in the comfort of your own home, then simply upload your DI tracks. We'll select the best combination of amp, cab, mic and preamp to get your holy grail tone.


The recording space has natural light, and countryside views overlooking Leeds. Experienced recording engineers will ensure your session runs smoothly and efficiently. There is a fantastic selection of microphones and outboard preamps, compressors and EQ's to cover all types of instrument and vocal recording.

Location recording available upon request.


The final step in preparing your music for duplication.

Final masters are supplied electronically in DDP format for CD masters and MP3 as standard for online distribution. High resolution audio files are provided for vinyl release.

Mastering is available for a very modest price if you are also having your songs mixed here.


Rob Hobson is a skilled composer and arranger, able to bring new ideas to your music before you enter the studio.

Pre-production sessions can take place in the form of attending rehearsal sessions at your practice space. You may also be invited to come into the studio and record a live rehearsal, weeks before you are booked in to record for the main event!

Alternatively, if you are outside the UK or unable to get to the studio, you can also send videos of your rehearsals and audio demos.

This service is only available if both recording and mixing sessions are to be booked.


Editing is not part of mixing, and is an extra service which covers production basics such as; drum editing, instrument timing and vocal tuning.

This is a labour intensive job that can be detrimental to your creativity. It can ultimately grind your production to a halt. Luckily, we are here to help! Editing can be completed here fast and efficiently with countless hours spent editing hundreds of songs! Every editing job is specific to the project and priced accordingly at the hourly rate.